The Curtain Rises- Welcome to the Silver Screen Legacy


I truly hope you will enjoy this legacy and find it both intruiging and enjoyable. Bear in mind the fact that this legacy includes both sex, violence, swearing and other behaviours of the sort. If you are to young to read about this please leave now, otherwise do stay and have a fantastic time!

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Ch 2:3 – A League of Their Own

Alfred would always remember the years of grade school as the years with Josh. They did everything together and since neither of their parents had that much time they only had each other. As an adult Alfred couldn’t help but wonder how he would have survived those years without Josh.

Even though Gene sometimes had the time to spend time with Alfred the boy felt let down. Gene never talked about the boy’s mother and Gene spend far too much time creating movies. It was as he was obsessed, Gene would almost do anything to win that prize he had only been nominated for.

However, Gene did put time in effort in one important day of Freddy’s life. The boy’s eleventh birthday was going to be celebrated with a big party. Freddy only wanted to invite Josh but Gene made sure to invite his friends from the film industry as well.

After eating the cake and giving presents to Alfred Gene patted his son on the back and said.

“Son, I’m very proud of you”

Alfred never forgot those words. Those words of encouragement stuck with him to the end of his days.

Ch 2:2- Boys Don’t Cry

Alfred didn’t feel confident enough to ask his daddy again. Gene worked an awful lot and Freddy missed his father. When he was younger he had followed Gene on the set but now Freddy had to attend school. He didn’t really like it. Freddy felt almost like a prisoner and he didn’t appreciate people’s remarks about his famous father. It seemed that many knew about Freddy’s mother. The boy himself knew little. He knew she left but didn’t fully understand why. He kept to himself but had one real friend. Josh was a true friend and the two boys hanged out all the time.

Freddy and Josh was very alike. They both liked to build things and to play. They were both quite geeky but at least they had each other. The biggest difference was their families. Josh had five siblings while Freddy had none. Josh’s family was poor and Freddy noticed that his friend was a bit ashamed of this. But they both pretended to not realise this. They were friends so what did family matter. However, they spend most of their time at the Remlingers. They had the house to themself most of the time since Gene worked and Freddy had both a trampoline and computer.

Sometimes Josh had to leave before Gene came home. Freddy always felt lonely. He missed his father terribly and it was in this weak moment that he also missed his mother. He didn’t really remember her but he missed having a mother. Any mother! Sometimes he wept but quickly stopped when Gene came home. Freddy was very keen on being happy when he finally were able to spend time with his father.

Gene regretted not being able to spend more time with his son but he had to think of his career. For the first time in his life he was in charge and Gene saw no reason for giving up this great opportunity. He worked hard but was well rewarded.

“Freddy” he shouted one day happily, “guess what?” Freddy didn’t know what and said that.

“I’ve been nominated to the Sim Film Prize for best director” Gene was smiling broadly and Freddy was happy for his father. “That’s deserves some celebration don’t you think?” Freddy just nodded and Gene added, “I am going to prepare some pancakes for us son”

The award ceremony was just a week later and Gene went together with his son Alfred. They were both dressed up and ready. Alfred liked this, he spend time with his father who was very happy.

Gene couldn’t hide his disappointment for not winning the prize. He was sulky for weeks and Freddy hated it. He tried to cheer his father up but nothing helped. Alfred instead took his escape to the stars, spending the nights star-gazing.

Ch 2:1- Life With Father

A few years had passed and Gene tried to forget that night and forget her. Gene thought about Kate often. He still loved her. He had left her. Gene sometimes regretted that he had left her. He should have stuck around and helped her. But he knew it was for the best, he left for Alfred’s sake. Alfred must be safe, no matter what.

Gene’s attempts had given results. Alfred was a happy suburban boy who knew nothing of his vampire mother. He sometimes remembered her vaguely but he didn’t see it fitting to ask his dad about her. Alfred loved to watch stars at night and build with blocks.


Alfred was waked on night of bad dreams. Fearing to fall asleep again he went up. The boy opened the refrigerator and took a snack. He loved to eat, especially crisps.

Suffering from late night head ache he went outside. Alfred wasn’t often awake during the dark hours. He was amazed. The lights from the city was beautiful. Like a living organism. Freddy couldn’t understand why they had moved from the beauty of light to this boring suburban area. He sat down in the grass and just admired the view.

The next day during breakfast he asked.

“Daddy why don’t we live in the city?” Gene looked at his son with a serious gaze. Was this the time to tell him why? Was Freddy really ready. Gene didn’t want to hurt him so he simply said.

“Because it’s calmer here”

“Is it because everyone knows who you are?” Freddy asked. Gene had during the years since they moved become more and more famous. He had finally gotten the trust from the studio to co-direct. Eugene Remlinger was quite famous.

“Not really Freddy. But that’s part of the reason” Gene replied truthfully.

“But I want to live in the city!” Freddy raised his voice.

“Well we can’t!” Gene almost screamed back and Freddy looked scared. He looked at his pancake and swallowed hard. Gene admired his son. What had he done, he had shouted at Freddy. Shouted at him for no reason.

“Sorry” he started. “Let’s play catch” he then added with a smile. Freddy nodded quickly, he wanted to have his happy and friendly dad back as quick as possible.

Ch 1:9-It Happened One Night

Three days later. Engagment ring on her index finger but Kate didn’t feel better. It seemed that not even love could save her. All of a sudden a pain like no other filled her body. Kate started screaming. Gene was not at home. Alfred woke and cried.

Kate exhaled. She felt wonderful. Strong. Perfect. Kate knew what had just happened. She was as of now a vampire. Alfred’s screaming didn’t bother her. She felt at top of the world. She could hear everything. Sense anything. A knock on the door stopped her from thinking and when she walked over to open she saw that it was not Gene but a vampire like herself. The woman walked inside the apartment and introduced herself as Jeane, leader of the vampires. Kate didn’t really know what to say but she really liked Jeane.

“When he comes home” Jeane said and Kate understood that the other vampire meant Gene, “try to kiss him”

Gene opened the door and walked over to Alfred who was crying. The father picked up the son and held him tightly. Gene then walked into the living room and looked at Kate. She looked different, however he could not see Jeane.

“Come here my love” Kate said and Gene left Freddy who were playing with his teddy bear. Slowly Kate stroked Gene’s cheek feeling his warm skin full of pulsing blood.

Kate leant closer to kiss him. Fangs. Neck. She bit him. The most wonderful feeling filled her. His blood in her mouth. His life in hers. She was stronger now. Gene however was not happy.

At first he didn’t know what to do but soon he got his wits back. He looked at Kate with a murderous gaze.

“You animal” he shouted and then added “you are the pathetic excuse for a woman, a person I’ve ever met!”

Kate hadn’t anticipated this situation turned to Jeane for help. Jeane walked closer. She was made herself visible for Gene and he screamed.

“Who is she?” he demanded to know.

“I am Jeane, high empress of the Vampire order” she said and Gene opened his mouth as if to say something but then understood what she had just said.

“A vampire?” he asked foolishly.

“‘Course, as your lovely wife to be” Jeane said.

“She is no wife of mine!” Gene screamed. “You are both monsters!”

“I never want to see you again” he screamed and walked over to Alfred who was once again crying. “We are leaving. I never want to see you again and if you so much as look at Freddy I will kill you” Gene explained with surprising calmness.

So he left. Eugene Remlinger carried his son through the night. Seeking something better. Crying. Wishing everything back to normal. Knowing nothing would ever be normal again. He hugged Freddy dearly and said.

“Son, I will make everything well again, I promise!”

Ch: 1.8 – Toddler Years

Alfred didn’t notice his mother’s pain. He was just a toddler and loved his parents dearly as all toddlers do. He thought it was normal that he spend almost all time with his father. Freddy thought it was usual for toddlers to be on film sets. Alfred didn’t complain, he loved his father!

Playing with blocks

"Hmm wonder what happens if I smash this in the table"

"Daddy that tickles!"


Walking with daddy

Safe in daddy's arms

"I'm flying!"

Ch: 1.7 – The Family Game

Kate was in pain. She tried to control it, tried not to show it to Gene. But he noticed. Gene couldn’t understand what had happened but he knew it was his responsibility to talk to her and more importantly comfort her!

“Everything will be alright” Gene explained even though he had no idea what the problem was. He hugged Kate and she felt at least for a while comforted. She hugged him hard as if true love would help her feel better. Maybe her love for Gene would help her! Maybe if she only focused on her love of Gene and their son, maybe then everything would be alright.

Kate was a perfect mum and wife for a while. She smiled often, tried to fool herself that everything was fine. But all of a sudden a sharp pain could attack her. She could hardly breathe. Sharp pain. But then after a few seconds it stopped.

One morning something were unexpected happened. As usual Kate was in a lot of pain and tried after best ability to hide it. She walked out into the kitchen after visiting the bathroom. She almost screamed when she all of a sudden saw Gene. He was kneeling at the floor and she knew what he was going to say.

“Will you marry me?” he asked.

Kate loved him. Kate hated him. Kate didn’t know. She was just about to ask if she was allowed to think about it when suddenly the tap broke down. Water splashed everywhere and Kate knew. This was a sign. She was meant to marry Eugene, only then would the curse placed on her go away!

“Yes!” she replied and smiled. Gene placed the ring on her finger and hugged her while looking at the broken tap.

Ch 1:6- Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

Eugene was thrilled to have a son. He loved Alfred more than life and hardly cared about his job anymore. Gene didn’t mind that Freddy started scream in the middle of the night, puke on the couch and cried even though he had slept and eaten. But Kate had problems adapting to life as a parent. She wanted to sleep, party and live life without responsibilities.

Gene didn’t notice this annoyance and unliking from Kate’s part. He only thought about Freddy’s well-being. He brough him with him everywhere, to the sets and shops. Kate however took her escape to her old friends and her ex-boyfriend Tom. She went out every night almost and Gene did notice this but didn’t really care. Kate could decide for herself and he only wanted to spend time with his son.

However, if Gene had known what Kate really was up to he would have minded. She was throwing herself at Tom. Wanting him to love her again. Given that she had dumped him Tom was more than happy for this sudden attention.

“I love you Kate” he said and she just nodded. She didn’t really love him, Kate was only out for the thrill of the night. She wanted to feel young and without responsibility again.

The two left the club and went out into the night.

“Wanna go for a real adventure?” Tom asked. Given the high percentage of alcohol flowing through Kate’s body she said,

“Bring it on!”

The moment she spoke the words Tom was holding her arm. She screamed. The pain was immense. His fangs were deep in her arm and Kate felt as if she would faint. She breathed heavily and a tears fell down her cheeks.

All of sudden it was over. He removed his fangs and she looked at her arms. Blood fell to the ground and she felt light-headed seeing so much blood. But only in seconds it healed. Kate didn’t know what to say and just looked at Tom.

“Just you wait” he said and smiled, “adventures are coming my love!”

Kate couldn’t remember how she got home that night. She was in pain and felt dizzy. She crashed on the bed, didn’t even take of her shoes, and fell to sleep after hours of illusions involving blood.

Dreamless sleep while Gene dreams of becoming the number one dad